Investing in startups that are
uniquely human

We're product designers and engineers funding human focused projects across work, gaming and more.
Our approach
We prioritize empathy and understanding human experience to build innovative products that improve people's lives.

Our human-centered design strategies provide holistic understanding of our customers needs. We collaborate with founders to create products that are deeply rooted in addressing real human problems.

Improving lives
Our focus is clear: no opportunists, no cash grabs. For us, technology should enhance, not diminish, the human experience.

‍We prioritize partnerships with startups where improving users lives is the core mission. We seek founders who are committed to making the world a better place while driving technological innovations.
Blood, sweat and tears
We not only secure funding, but also actively engage as operational experts, applying our product knowledge to drive revenue and growth.

Unlike typical investors, our success is driven by the tangible impact we make on startups. Our hands-on strategy is our strength, providing both strategic guidance and practical design-build skills to develop valuable products.